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About Us. 

Fuel Transport, Inc., subsidiary of Highland Corporation, is a family owned and operated company located in Middle Tennessee. We have a full fleet of transports that can haul fuel out of Nashville, Chattanooga, Memphis and Birmingham, AL. 


Fuel Transport is dedicated to providing quality service to its customers at a fair and reasonable cost.  Providing these services safely is a core and unwavering value of Fuel Transport.

Our Vision.


Fuel Transport started hauling fuel in 1989 for our chain of Convenience Stores called Fast Stop Markets, owned by David and Connie Adcox.  


The Adcox Family has continued to maintain the spirit of the business for over forty years.  With plans to grow and expand our operations, the business has a bright future. 


Today, we can haul fuel out of Nashville, Chattanooga, Memphis and Birmingham, AL.  


If you have a need for fuel to be transported to your facility, convenience store or job site location, we are here to service you. Click here to get a quote or call 1-800-924-8514.


Fuel Transport's mission is to keep people moving and we want to help you do just that.

Our People.


Fuel Transport, Inc. is in the fuel transport and delivery business.  We specialize in the delivery of petroleum products.


We have some of the best employees in the business. They are well qualified drivers with years and years of driving experience.  


We are very selective about who we put behind the wheel of a transport and we provide some of the best equipment for them to operate.

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