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Our customers have a variety of fueling needs. Whether you have a fleet of trucks, boats or heavy equipment, we can give you fueling solutions to meet your needs.

We keep you moving.

Here's what our customers think.

Mike Eubank
Owner Eubank Paving, Charlotte, TN

"I've worked with Highland and Fuel Transport for almost forty years.  I'm always sure when my bill arrives, it is correct.  That is one of the most important things a company can do for its customers.  I never have to worry that things are done right the first time."

Doug Sanders
Owner Sanders Market, Linden, TN

"Fuel Transport delivers our fuel in a timely manner and they are some of the best people to work.  You always know your delivery will be here just when you need it."

Jimmy Keen
Owner and Operator of Parsons Shell

"Fuel Transport's fuel delivery is always on time and they are careful to stay out of the way of our customers trying to fuel.  They are always professional and courteous. "

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